Huawei launched HarmonyOS Apps development code editor website

Huawei’s HarmonyOS application development online experience (Code Editor) website is now live with the domain name Experience the “To-Do List” Demo online, learn about the “one-time development, multi-device deployment” feature of HarmonyOS, and experience the efficient and convenient development of HarmonyOS cross-device applications.

Among them, developers who want to switch the big picture of different devices can click the upper right corner of the “Preview” page to switch among the four preview views of the watch, mobile, and big Screen. Developers who accidentally correct the wrong file or click the wrong code can restore the original state by pressing “Reset” at the top right of the code page.

The HarmonyOS 2.0 distributed application framework encapsulates the collaboration between complex devices into simple interfaces, services can be divided into combined, transferred, and realizing cross-device application collaboration.

HarmonyOS apps development code editor website

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