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Huawei launched RuralStar Pro solution

RuralStar Pro

Huawei at MWC Shanghai 2021 has announced that its innovative RuralStar Pro solution has been commercially rolled out in Guizhou, China. David Guo, President of Huawei Wireless Network Site Product Line, introduced RuralStar Pro in detail at the event. Guo noted that 600 million people in the world still have no access to mobile connectivity, and the RuralStar Pro solution could provide connections for these uncovered areas at the optimal cost and fastest speed.

According to the information, this solution integrates a baseband unit (BBU), a remote radio unit (RRU), and a relay device into a single module, enabling one module one site. The power consumption of each site is less than 120 W.

The solution has been commercially rolled out in Maopo Village of Guizhou Province, greatly advancing the village’s digitalization. The valley where Maopo Village is located is often foggy, meaning that microwave solutions cannot be used there, and the cost of laying optical fiber on winding mountain roads is too high. With RuralStar Pro, the installation of a base station and the provisioning of LTE and VoLTE service can be completed in two hours. The coverage rate in the village is now 85% and the downlink speeds reach 30 Mbps.

Abraham Kofi Asante, CEO of the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC), also appeared at MWC Shanghai to speak about the organization’s rural network deployment plan. GIFEC plans to work with Huawei to deploy more than 2,000 RuralStar sites.

It’s estimated that 3.4 million people in 172 rural areas will benefit from this plan, and Ghana’s mobile coverage rate will increase from 83% to 95%. This, says Asante, will give an enormous boost to the local economy.

(Source – Huawei)


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