Huawei launches 100W charger, Priced at 399 yuan

Huawei released the Nova 9 Pro last year which is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 4G chip, the first new generation of 100W Huawei super fast charge, the battery capacity is 4000mAh, and it can be fully charged in 20 minutes. But in fact, the charger for this model was not listed until recently.

This charger supports Huawei 100WMax super-fast charging, the size is about 55.0mmX55.0mmX28.3mm, and the weight is about 135g. It is equipped with a smart chip, which can automatically identify the charging protocol of different devices and adjust the power level and can automatically adjust the output power to prevent excessive temperature it comes with a white 6A USB Type-A to USB Type-C 1.0m data cable.

According to reports, this charger supports the Nova 9 Pro’s 100W Huawei super fast charge, and other models require the device itself to support the 20V5A charging specification and be equipped with the original 6A data cable.

Support Huawei P50, P50 Pro, Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro+, Mate 40 RS Porsche, Nova 9, Nova 9 SE, Nova 8, Nova 8 Pro, Nova 8 SE, and other 66W Huawei super-fast charging, other models need to support the 11V6A charging specification. With the original 6A data cable Huawei MateX2, MateXs, MateX with this charger set supports up to 55W Huawei super fast charge.

In addition, this charger is compatible with SCP, FCP, and QC2.0 charging protocols, and some non-standard QC2.0 protocol devices cannot be fast-charged. It is reported that it supports 5V2A (10W), 9V2A (18W), 10V2.25A (22.5W), 10V4A (40W), 11V5A (55W), 11V6A, (66W).

100W charger


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