Huawei Wang Jun: There will only be one or two cockpit operating systems in the future

Recently, Huawei’s smart car solution released a number of interviews. In all the interviews BU COO Wang Jun said that in the future, there will only be one or two ecosystems for the cockpit operating system, and he is very confident that it is Huawei.

Wang Jun said that Huawei’s advantage lies in its complete openness. The key point in the future from quantitative change to qualitative change is in 2023-2024. On the one hand, the products are relatively mature, and on the other hand, the supply problem is also expected to be solved.

In addition, Wang Jun said that Huawei’s intelligent driving technology will be commercialized next year, which can realize point-to-point in urban areas, point-to-point at high speed, and automatic parking. Huawei’s goal is to achieve true autonomous driving between 2025 and 2030.

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