Huawei launches 3D real-world map

Huawei’s Yu Chengdong at HDC 2022 announced that Huawei has launched a new 3D real-life map, which can achieve real-world reconstruction and rendering, and users can experience it when they open Petal to travel.

Last month, the company released a public beta version of Huawei’s Petal travel was launched in September this year. Yu Chengdong said that with 2,500 photos, Huawei can build an ultra-fine digital world of 5 square kilometers in just 30 minutes, and restore the details of the building with centimeter-level refinement.

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Huawei has also developed its own “Hi-Mesh” hierarchical network rendering acceleration technology, which realizes real-time rendering of ultra-large-scale digital worlds.

Huawei launches 3D real-world map image Huawei launches 3D real-world map


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