Huawei launches WiFi 3 exclusive data card SkyTone, monthly 2000GB

Huawei has officially introduced the SkyTone Data Card which is a new product of accompanying WiFi. HUAWEI Mobile Router X HUAWEI SkyTone Data Card Set is officially on sale today. You can enjoy 2000GB per month and get 5GB of free data when you open the card. The main selling point also includes “High Speed ​​and Unlimited Speed”. The data are as follows:

It is worth mentioning that this card is an IoT card and does not support voice and SMS functions. It only supports the use of Huawei mobile router devices, not mobile phones.

Huawei WiFi 3 supports 4G full Netcom of the three major operators, with a built-in 1500mAh battery, supports a maximum download speed of 150Mbps, and has a maximum capacity of 16 units. The product has a battery life of about 6 hours and uses a USB Micro-B interface.

SkyTone Data Card Huawei Data WiFi 3 data card


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