Huawei live game interaction patent announced

Huawei announced the patent for the “Real Game Interaction System and Method”. The patent abstract shows that the present application provides a live game interaction method including an electronic device that detects the position information of a virtual weapon represented by the electronic device through a first positioning unit, and sends it to a server; an electronic tag is detected by a second positioning unit.

The position information of the player corresponding to the electronic tag is sent to the server; when the electronic device detects that the operation on the electronic device or the game accessories installed on the electronic device meets the first preset condition, control of the virtual weapon initiates a virtual attack on the player corresponding to the electronic tag, obtains the movement information of the electronic device, and sends it to the server.

The electronic device receives the virtual weapon sent by the server and corresponds to the electronic tag the result information of the virtual attack initiated by the player, and the result is displayed accordingly.

The present application also provides a real-life game interaction system, which can improve the authenticity of the game, has low requirements on the game field, and does not require special game props.

Huawei live game interaction patent announced

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