Huawei published a patent for a extended foldable phone screen

Huawei has officially announced a patent for “a folding side-pulling device and electronic equipment” and the publication number is CN114338860A.

The patent details show that the application expands the size of the flexible screen of the electronic device after unfolding through the sliding of the first side puller, doubles or more than doubles the area of ​​the flexible screen after one unfolding operation and effectively increases the display area.

It can be seen from the patent that the mobile phone described in the patent adds a side-pull structure on the basis of the folding screen to increase the display area after unfolding.

Huawei has only launched models that fold horizontally and vertically. As a patent, it is still unknown whether and when Huawei will launch such a device.


Huawei extended foldable phone screen patent

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