Huawei Mate 60 Pro Drop Test – Watch the video

YouTuber PBKReviews has now published a new video of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro drop test. It is a short video that puts the newest flagship from the company under a bunch of tests. He even runs it over with a car to test the display’s durability.

The Mate 60 Pro phone has a screen protector on it when you get it. So, the person doing the test starts by taking that off. Then, they drop the phone two times from the height of a person’s head. First, they drop it with the screen facing down, and then they drop it with the back of the phone facing down. After these drops, the phone got a few scratches on its screen and the frame around it, but the screen still worked perfectly fine.

In the next test, the attempt is to drop it on the side. This resulted in the camera bezel glass receiving a crack as it ended up hitting the floor on the back. Watch the full video below.

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