The Return of the King: Huawei’s Journey Back to the Top Brand Spot

New news from China says Huawei is doing really well in the smartphone market. The company had some tough times because of problems with the United States in 2020. But now, it doing better, thanks to the new phones like the Huawei Mate 60 series.

Mate 60 Series is the key for Huawei’s growth

The numbers show that Huawei’s share of the market went up from 10.3% to 17% between the 33rd and 36th week of 2023. A few weeks ago, Xiaomi was the top brand in China with 18.4%, but now Huawei has 14%. Another brand that used to be part of Huawei, called Honor, also went down a bit from 17.7% to 17.2%. Other popular brands in China are OPPO, vivo, and Apple. The market has changed because of Huawei’s new Mate 60 series.

Huawei is doing really well this year, and by the end of 2023, it might be the number one brand in China. This will change the top five brands in China, and one of the brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, or Honor might lose their top spot. Apple is also there, but it not growing much in the Chinese market.

Huawei logo image

Also, one of Huawei’s new phones, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro, is really tough. It survived a tough test where it fell on a hard floor and even got run over by a car. The special glass they use in the phone is even stronger than the one in the Samsung S23 Ultra.

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