Huawei model TD-LTE have passed 3C certification with 66W charger

Huawei new model TD-LTE has now passed 3C certification, with a 66W charger. The 3C certification shows that the applicant and manufacturer of this mobile phone are Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd., and the manufacturer is Huawei Machine Co., Ltd., and the first certification date is July 1.

It is not clear whether this new Huawei phone belongs to the P50 series or the Nova 9 series. The phone supports up to a 4G network, is equipped with a peak power 66W charger, and is equipped with a HarmonyOS system.

On June 2, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong announced the Huawei P50 series at the Hongmeng HarmonyOS 2 and Huawei’s full-scene new product launch. However, “for well-known reasons, the launch time of the Huawei P50 series has not yet been determined.”

Huawei TD-LTE 3C certification

Huawei P50 uses an oval double ring lens group design. In terms of camera arrangement, Huawei P50 has four rear cameras and adopts a “3+1” camera layout, including 3 cameras on the top and 1 camera on the bottom.

Huawei model TD-LTE HarmonyOS


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