Huawei: More than 50 cities have joined the Urban Intelligence

Huawei claimed that more than 50 cities have joined the Urban Intelligence concept and this official statement comes at the 2021 Global Smart City Conference which was held in Shanghai on October 14.

According to reports, Huawei’s “urban intelligence” is based on the cloud and takes AI as the core to build an integrated intelligent system with three-dimensional perception, global collaboration, precise judgment, and continuous evolution.

“The core value of’ Urban Intelligence is to serve citizens, enterprises, and governments, and to save time and manpower for the service targets.” Yue Kun, President of Global Government Business Department of Huawei Enterprise BG, for example, “One Netcom Service is to help citizens run the One thing, one network management is to help the government handle one thing efficiently.”

According to the official introduction, Huawei will implement solutions such as one-network administration for government services in 2020 , and this year will further complement and improve the reference architecture of urban intelligent entities, and release three solutions for one-network management, auxiliary operations, and zero-trust security.

Huawei Urban Intelligence

Urban Intelligence



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