Huawei Music Beta version released

Huawei has released the new beta version of Huawei Music in the Huawei Member Center. The download size is 128.3MB and brings a number of new features.

Huawei Music App includes music online audition, download, collection, search, short video, and other functions. The main functions include music browsing, online music playback, music download, local music playback, radio subscription, playback, download. There are also short video playback, online search, music collection, recently played, and music membership.

Huawei Music Beta version changelog:

1. The sound effect adds spatial music, intelligent track splitting technology enhances 3D immersion and supports custom effects.

2. The new encrypted song scanning & matching function is launched, which can show your local songs more comprehensively, gather your favorite songs together, and enjoy the “one-stop” listening experience.

3. Music Calendar: Professional editors recommend for you, major events in music history and daily high-quality music, a listening experience that combines knowledge and taste.

4. Support the mixed playback of audio and video to improve the playback experience.

Huawei Music Beta version

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