Ding Yun: 5G has been commercialized on a global scale for more than two years (MWC 2022)

At the MWC22 (MWC 2022) Barcelona, Ding Yun, Executive Director of Huawei and President of Carrier BG, delivered a keynote speech on “Lighting up the Future” at the Huawei Day0 Summit.

As per the Ding Yun said that operators can From the three dimensions of connection density, computing diversity and carbon emission reduction intensity, through the GUIDE business blueprint, it will light up the bright future of the digital economy.

Make efforts from three dimensions to reshape the future digital economy

Ding Yun said that the vitality of the digital economy can be assessed by three dimensions, namely the density of connections, the diversity of computing, and the intensity of carbon emission reduction.

5G commercial use on a large scale for two years, the development exceeds expectations

5G has been commercialized on a global scale for more than two years, and has developed rapidly in terms of network coverage, terminals, and user scale. By the end of 2021, more than 200 operators around the world have deployed 5G commercial networks, with more than 700 million 5G users and more than 700 million commercial terminals. 1,200 models, user growth brings business returns, and drives the continuous construction and development of the network.

+IT, new growth

Ding Yun said that in the digital age of the industry, IT infrastructure, as the digital foundation of operators, needs to accelerate the reconstruction to promote efficient operation collaboration. To achieve new revenue growth, for example, in the Asia-Pacific region, operators adopted Huawei’s unique OneStorage solution, reducing TCO by about 30%.

Ding Yun MWC22

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