Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping: We will not withdraw from the global market

At the MWC 2022, Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping talked about the company’s plans to continue its globalization strategy and increase strategic investment in underlying technologies. Huawei hopes to reshape the basic theory, architecture, and software that supports the industry, enhance its mid- and long-term competitiveness, and ensure the long-term sustainable development of the ICT industry.

According to the “Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily”, Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping said at the 2022 Mobile World Congress today: We will not withdraw from the global market. For customers who choose us, Huawei will go all out to help them achieve business success.

According to him, the world today is facing two important issues of digitization and carbon neutrality, which have far-reaching implications for the future of ICT. In the face of challenges, Huawei will adhere to globalization, significantly increase strategic investment in root technologies, and strive to achieve three reconstructions of basic theory, architecture, and software.

Guo Ping

Guo Ping emphasized that Huawei will unswervingly implement its globalization strategy in terms of standards, talent, and supply chain. Huawei is also developing exciting new architectures. Currently, Huawei is integrating photonic and electronic technologies and designing equivalent architectures to solve technical challenges or technical bottlenecks.

On the software side, Huawei is building AI-centric full-stack software and a new software ecosystem to meet the sharply rising demand for computing power brought about by the explosive growth of AI.


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