Huawei openEuler 21.09 version officially launched

Huawei has officially the latest innovation version of openEuler 21.09. openEuler 21.09 is the first community innovation version after Euler officially upgraded its open-source operating system for digital infrastructure.

openEuler 21.09 launched EulerFS, a file system for new media, continued to innovate the kernel, added container operating system KubeOS and secure containers and other large-particle features to consolidate the cloud base; at the same time released openEuler 21.09 Edge and openEuler 21.09 Embedded Version to explore the full-scene capability.

openEuler would like to express its gratitude to 869 developers from the community who participated in the contributions of openEuler 21.09. openEuler 21.09 is officially launched as the first community innovative version covering all scenarios.

Huawei openEuler 21.09 openEuler 21.09

Core innovation

openEuler 21.09 enhances the related functions of cloud-native scheduling. For the mixed deployment scenarios of online and offline services in cloud scenarios, innovative CPU scheduling algorithms and OOM memory recycling algorithms are used to ensure real-time CPU preemption and jitter suppression by online services, and support safe and reliable operation of online services.

In terms of memory management, the memory hierarchical extension etMem adds a user-mode swap function. The cold memory eliminated by the strategy configuration is swapped to user-mode storage, which has better performance than kernel-mode swap and no business perception.

Consolidate the cloud base

K8S has become the de facto cloud-native infrastructure base. The mainstream operating system vendors in the industry are all based on K8S, launching cloud-native scenarios dedicated container OS (such as Redhat RCHOS, AWS BottleRocket, etc.), providing management and operation and maintenance experience consistent with business containers.

openEuler 21.09 Keeping up with the latest technology trends in the industry, Huawei has contributed its original containerized operating system KubeOS to the community. It has the advantages of running memory consumption <150M and restarting time <15 seconds.

Explore full-scene innovation

openEuler 21.09 released openEuler 21.09 Edge for edge computing scenarios. This version integrates the KubeEdge and edge cloud collaboration framework, and has basic capabilities such as unified management and distribution of edge cloud applications. In the future, it will enhance AI ease of use and scenario adaptability through enhanced intelligent collaboration, and enhance service collaboration to achieve cross-edge cloud service discovery and traffic. Forwarding, enhancing data collaboration and improving southbound service capabilities.

openEuler 21.09 released the ultra-lightweight embedded version openEuler 21.09 Embedded for embedded scenarios. The mirror image of this version is less than 5M, and the startup time is less than 5 seconds. It provides basic capabilities such as lightweight, safe and lightweight containers.

Middleware & Desktop Environment

OpenResty has now been ported to openEuler 21.09 version. OpenResty is a high-performance web platform based on Nginx and Lua. It is used to conveniently build dynamic Web applications, Web services and dynamic gateways that can handle ultra-high concurrency and high scalability.



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