Huawei Optimizer 14.0 February 2024 update rolling out

If you are looking to accelerate your Huawei smartphone performance. Do it in one easy step. Huawei Optimiser keeps your phone fast, clean and virus-free. It is fast and efficient. Below you can check the latest Huawei Optimizer APK version

Huawei Optimizer Key Features

1. Auto-clean

What does this function do? It will clear your memory constantly and will delete junk files permanently after 14 days.

Hint: You can disable it at anytime in the Settings of the app.

2. Junk Files

In here you can clean up the files which aren’t needed by the phone, like cache memory, app thumbnails, app cache and images, which are already in the recycle bin. It’s a useful function, because clearing the cache of apps will speed up a lot those apps and clearing the cache of the system will speed up the system very much.

3. App data

In here you can delete the data related to all of the apps. In here are included Images, Videos, Music, Downloads, Documents etc. Be careful of what you will delete, because they also store the credentials of apps which require login (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc) and the configuration of all this apps and deleting them will result into the loss of anything you have done in that certain app. This is like reinstalling completely an app.

4. Unused apps

While using a phone, during its lifetime, you download a lot of apps from stores like PlayStore, AppGallery, Aurora Store, Aptoide etc, apps which will occupy the memory and you probably use them only once in a while. This function is to get rid of the unnecessary apps. I find it very useful, because for example I downloaded at some point an app which I used to pay only at that point and left it in my phone, even if I didn’t needed it. I advise you to select the apps you don’t need and get rid of them, because they will free the memory a lot.

5. Residual files

This category is created to delete files which were left after uninstalling an app. For example, I have used a Photo Editor app, which stored the draft of a photo I edited and don’t need it anymore.

6. Messenger cleaner

In here you can delete all of the videos or images you have saved from Messenger.

7. WhatsApp cleaner

I guess, every each of you is using WhatsApp, don’t you? This app stores a lot of data, which can be cleaned up very easy with the Optimizer app. You can individually select each file, including videos, music, pictures, you want to delete and you can get rid of them in like on finger snap. I like this, because I use WhatsApp a lot and stores a lot of data, which is occupying the phone memory, so we have to clean it up.

8. Duplicate files

This function searches for the duplicate files in your phone, even if they don’t have the same name. It actually searches for another file with the same size, same extension and other algorithms, which are used in the background.

Download Huawei Optimizer Latest APK:

Huawei Optimizer latest apk

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