Huawei P30 Pro camera tips and tricks

Huawei P30 Pro camera tips and tricks:

1. Get to grips with Pro mode:

One of the things we like best about Huawei’s native camera app is the extremely versatile Pro mode. Use it to take control of parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, AF mode, white balance and metering. 

While the P30 Pro is fantastic at getting things right in fully automatic mode, by using the Pro section, you can tweak things to ensure the output matches your vision. Huawei P30 Pro Review: Best Camera, Super Power

2. The big zoom

The big new feature of the P30 is the 5x optical zoom. Huawei manages this feat of engineering by using what is known as a “periscope” lens – folded optics which fit neatly into the space available to get you closer to the action. 

3. Switch on HDR

Luckily it’s easier to turn it off when you’re done – just quickly tap the “X” next to the word “HDR” and you’ll be straight back to normal shooting.

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