Huawei P40 memory can be upgraded to 256G

We have recently published an article regarding the memory expansion of Huawei devices which you can check over here. In the memory upgrade service on Huawei’s official website, the Huawei P40 option has quietly appeared. From the information on the official website, users can choose to upgrade the Huawei P40 memory from 128G to 256G.

The memory upgrade service is a hardware policy launched by Huawei for old users, covering brand packages Huawei and Honor (front), among which Huawei’s product series includes Mate series, P series, Nova series, and Enjoy series.

The upgrade logic maintains the product strategy of upgrading the previous generation flagship models. In the past few years, the supported models have been upgraded from the earliest P10 to the current P40 and P40 Pro.

It should be noted that the P40 and P40 Pro, as the latest upgradeable models, support a memory version of 8+128GB, which users can upgrade to 256GB, and the upgraded motherboard has at least a 90-day warranty.

Huawei P40 memory can be upgraded to 256G

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