Huawei P70: New Image Appeared, Price And More

For months, users have been talking a lot about the new Huawei P70 series, which is supposed to be really amazing. As the official launch date gets closer, more and more rumors are appearing up. These rumors cover everything from what the phones look like in real pictures to features and how much the device might cost. The phone will come with HarmonyOS already installed.

According to the Fixed Focus Digital tipster, the new models would be capable of returning brighter, clearer and more detailed night shots compared to the already valid models of last year. If the P60s used the internal XMAGE 2.0 imaging system , the new models could bring a further updated version of this algorithm to the market.

In addition to this, it is reported that the Huawei P70 series will have a new multifunction periscope zoom lens that can also be used for macros. Finally, the flagship model Huawei P70 Art will also stand out from the rest of the range from the point of view of colours.

The Huawei P70 series will arrive on the market with HarmonyOS 4.2 pre-installed. This version could include improvements in terms of user experience and some new useful functions that are currently not better specified.

Huawei P70 live image leaked

Meanwhile, awaiting the official debut, the basic model Huawei P70 , or rather its rear panel, has been shown in a live photo (@WHYLAB) which completely reveals its design, a large triangular-shaped photographic module.


The basic 512 GB Huawei P70 model could reach a price between 5300 and 5500 CNY while the Huawei P70 Pro could be offered at 6400 CNY. Based on this, we can estimate a price between 8000 and 9000 CNY ( 1036-1165 euros ) for the Huawei P70 Art.

Huawei P70 live

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