Huawei Ads is now Petal Ads: Check the new features

Huawei introduces Petal Ads and it’s a new name for the HUAWEI Ads platform. The Huawei Petal Ads now allow you to add multiple contacts under message settings. You can add two more contacts in addition to the default contact, to prevent notification missing.

Petal Ads Intro

Petal Ads endows your ads with premium attributes, and delivers them to Huawei device users with seamless precision – for maximum effect!

New Features & Announcements

Eliminated the need to manually test a conversion generated on a web page with the same domain name as the web page where a conversion has been tracked using DTM.

For conversion tracking by DTM under a same ad account, if you have successfully tracked a conversion generated on a web page (for example, its domain name is and want to track a conversion generated on another web page with the same domain name (for example,, you do not need to manually test the conversion. Instead, the conversion will pass the test by default and become activated.

Petal Ads

After you deliver a lead ad which takes users to submit a form on the landing page created in Venus, the system will send lead reminders to you whenever users submit the form. So you can revisit the users promptly to drive other conversions. In addition, you can set how to receive lead reminders as needed.

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