Huawei Petal Mail App Beta: Support multi-account management/login

According to the latest information, Huawei Petal Mail App has launched a public test with prizes. Huawei said that this public test recruitment invites you to download the latest version of the Petal Mail App, experience new functions, and actively participate in the public test feedback task. The review team Scores will be made according to the number of valid feedbacks provided by users, and the top 5 will be selected to receive unequal amounts of JD E-card rewards.

Huawei Petal Mail App Beta New Features:

1. Added multi-account management:

Support multi-petal mailbox account login, up to 10 accounts can be logged in at the same time.

Support independent login/logout of a single account.

2. Added protection of email activity to prevent external tracking of your IP address and email activity.

3. A new start welcome page is added to facilitate you to better understand the petal mailbox.

4. Optimize user experience.

Petal Mail is the first official mailbox service launched by Huawei, providing a more convenient and secure experience for sending and receiving mail. The Petal Mailbox interface is clean and refreshing, helping users to process emails smoothly; users can also quickly process emails by sliding, tapping, and other interactive methods, such as email filing, deletion, marking, etc.

In addition, the Petal Email address can be used directly as a HUAWEI ID, and an email is an account. Users only need to apply for a Petal Email to use it as a HUAWEI ID, enjoy Huawei’s high-quality services, and log in to Petal Email with one click.

Huawei Petal Mail App Beta Features
Huawei Petal Mail App Beta Features


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