Huawei Petal Maps 4.2 update rolling out []

Huawei Petal Maps application is now getting the new update. The latest April 2024 update brings a new app version and the latest app size is 80.07MB. Below check the latest app changelog.

Huawei Petal Maps version changelog

[Route ETAs improved]
Get an accurate ETA for destinations across time zones.
[All-new Contribution screen]
A clearer refreshed layout for the Contribution screen.
[Quickly add notes to locations]
When saving a location, you can add a note to easily find it later.

Old Changelog

[Key navigation info emphasized]
Direction symbols emphasized, making navigation instructions easier to understand.
[Trip progress bar for buses]
See in real-time which stop you’re at so you don’t miss your destination.
[New look for contribution icons]
Enhanced the contribution screen’s icons to make them clearer and easier to use.
[A new way to add location cover images]
Upload the first cover image for a location that doesn’t have one yet.

[Intelligent route planning]
Displays arrival time at each stop and plans a route to your destination.
[Me screen improved]
New visuals to easily search for info and use features.
[Identify images taken nearby]
Easily add images to your review of a location.
[Search your favorite spots]
Discover more spots to favorite and quickly find them when you do.
[Jump directly to comments]
Quickly find a comment to save time when replying.

[Dual-row feature shortcuts]
Slide up on the main screen to quickly access features.
[Location reviews]
Many real-world user reviews for you to reference.
[Improved hotel booking]
Preview booking details to ensure there’s no mistakes.

[Earth in three dimensions]
Check out the continents and oceans on a 3D globe.
[High-precision navigation]
Dynamic arrows and traffic indicators are shown for more refined guidance. *Only available in some countries/regions.
[More measurement options]
Perimeter and area measurements are now available.
[Get review notifications]
When your review is considered high-quality you’ll get a notification.

[Teams updated]
Check team member locations and start navigation for them.
[Get off reminder]
You’ll be reminded when it’s time to get off.
[React to reviews]
Like and reply to place reviews.
[Gas price notifications]
Get real time updates on the lowest gas prices nearby.

[View satellite locations]
Check out the satellites that your device is using for positioning and navigation.
[Smarter route planning]
Tells you the usual traffic conditions for certain sections of your route in advance (based on big data).
[Measure distances]
Measure the straight-line distance between points on the map.
[Hazard alerts]
Get advance warnings to avoid hazards in the road ahead.
[Prioritized reviews]
High-quality reviews will appear at the top to help other users.

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