Huawei Petal Maps won Red Dot Design Award

In the month of October last year, Huawei officially launched Petal Maps. Huawei Petal Map is available in over 140 countries and regions outside China. Huawei Petal Maps include map positioning, map display, driving navigation, and real-time indication. Huawei Petal Maps helps you when driving, it finds the best route to your destination based on real-time traffic information with turn-by-turn voice guidance. So you’ll always know where to go.

Now, Huawei officially announced that its Petal Maps has won Germany’s prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, thanks to the innovative and easy-to-use functionality of its navigation app Petal Maps.

Petal Maps’ latest award from the Red Dot Design Awards in the Brands and Communications Design category demonstrates how the impressive features of navigation applications have received wide international acclaim and are celebrated. making travel as easy as possible for users all over the world.

Some of the highlights of the awards-recognized Petal Maps included long transitions that helped keep users from getting lost while map transitions flow directly, meaning they don’t have to redirect users to other screens. The app also prioritizes safety by keeping directions clear, straightforward and simple, so drivers are never distracted while on the road.

“We are honored to announce our award at the Red Dot Design Awards for Petal Maps. “As such a prestigious recognition, it is truly a testament to the hard work the Huawei team has put into making such a successful navigation tool.” “Our latest Petal Maps update has undoubtedly made it the best supportive travel tool for our consumers, thanks to its exciting new features. With new personalized route planning and an additional 14 languages ​​now available, it further supports our millions of consumers worldwide.”

Petal Maps has voice-based navigation in 14 new languages ​​(Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Estonian, Greek, Hindi, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Tamil, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese) in addition to 26 languages ​​supported in previous versions provide truly global reach.


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