Huawei Petal One: Limited to 1 yuan for the first month, 200GB cloud space and more

During the launch of the Huawei P50 series, Huawei announced the Petal One membership, it is a combination that integrates services such as Huawei cloud space, video and music .

At the end of July, the Huawei Member Center App opened the Petal One pre-appointment entrance. Now, according to the information, Huawei Petal One members are early adopters, and the pre-appointment qualifications users can use it for 1 yuan in the first month.

The continuous monthly subscription price of Petal One is 79 yuan per month, including Huawei Cloud Space Premium Package 200GB, Huawei Music Super Music VIP, Huawei Video Gold Membership, and Partner Zone VIP members.

Quick Sigle: Download Huawei Petal Clip latest App APK

Huawei Cloud Space Premium Package 200GB: Family sharing space, which can be shared with up to 5 other family members.

HUAWEI Video Gold Member & Partner Area VIP members: Gold members support multi-terminal movie viewing, free of advertising interference, and can be used on smart screens, mobile phones, tablets, and VR glasses.

Huawei Music Super Music VIP: Exclusive music library for tens of millions of members. Multi-terminal sharing, smart screens, mobile phones, tablets, and watches can be used.

Huawei Petal One Membership


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