Huawei Phoenix trademark registration got rejected

According to the latest information, the Huawei Phoenix trademark registration got rejected which was registered with number 49755328. The report suggests that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. refused to accept the partial rejection of the trademark registration application of “Huawei Phoenix” for scientific instruments by the Trademark Office and applied for review.

The review found that the applied trademark “Huawei Phoenix” completely contains the cited trademark “华凤凰” (Chinese word), which constitutes a similar mark, and the coexistence of use on the same or similar goods may cause confusion and misunderstanding by the relevant public; the evidence submitted by the applicant is not sufficient to prove the applied trademark.

After the user has produced distinctive features and popularity that are distinguishable from the cited trademark, the application for registration of the applied trademark on all re-examined goods shall be rejected.

On September 15, 2020, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied for the “Huawei Phoenix” trademark in the scientific instrument category. The current status is under review for refusal, and the status of a “Huawei Phoenix” trademark in other categories has been “Preliminary Review Announcement” “. In addition, several “HUAWEI PHOENIX” trademarks have been registered. According to previous media reports, Huawei experts gave a speech in October 2020, introducing Huawei’s Phoenix engine technology.

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