Huawei plans to invest 100 million US dollars in the next 3 years to support the Asia-Pacific start-up ecosystem

According to the information, Huawei announced that it will invest US$100 million in the Asia- Pacific Spark Program in the next three years to build an Asia-Pacific start-up ecosystem.

Huawei announced the launch of three Asia-Pacific SPARK start-up support programs, namely the Spark Developer Program (Spark Developer Program), which aims to construct the Huawei Cloud Asia-Pacific developer ecosystem; the Spark Pitstop program, which aims to help start-ups adopt Huawei Cloud for promotion rapid product development and the Spark Innovation Program (SIP), which helps enterprises to innovate through the Spark startup ecosystem.

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Huawei CloudBU President Zhang Pingan said, ‚ÄúThis time Huawei also officially released the Cloud Cloud Collaborative Innovation Plan for the world, including Huawei Cloud and Huawei Device Cloud to provide start-ups with US$20 million in resource support plans for 2021 Support 200 entrepreneurial companies in the HMS ecosystem. Share channel resources with global developers cover 1 billion Huawei end users, and build an HMS developer innovation center to cultivate 100,000 HMS cloud-native developers .”


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