Huawei published a new patent related to fitness

Huawei published a new patent, which may be of some use to the fitness crowd. According to the information, Huawei has listed one more patent on its portfolio titled “a message reminding method, related devices and equipment”, with publication number CN113192597A.

The patent description shows that in recent years, as more and more people pay attention to their own health, it has become a fashion to follow App for fitness at home.

In the process of fitness, many fitness actions require muscles to exert strength in isolation to achieve better exercise results. Non-standard fitness exercises usually mean that other muscles assist in exerting strength. For example, when curling, pushing your belly is a typical wrong movement. It is difficult to achieve the purpose of biceps exerting strength in isolation. What’s more serious is that for many fitness exercises, if the exercises are not standard, it is easy to cause sports injuries.

Multiple exercise information includes action posture information, muscle power location information, muscle power level information, and at least two of the exercise data information.

Huawei Fitness Patent



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