Huawei published a patent related to Evaluating Women Emotions

Huawei has published a patent for “A Method and Related Devices and Equipment for Evaluating Women’s Emotions” and the will be identified as number CN113780546A.

According to the patent details, the patent relates to the field of artificial intelligence. It evaluates the user’s emotions by obtaining the user’s data to be evaluated during a menstrual cycle and uses the historical data to be evaluated and the women’s menstrual cycle to evaluate women’s emotions. Emotions can improve the accuracy of evaluating women’s emotions.

Huawei previously disclosed a patent for auxiliary makeup methods, terminal equipment, storage media, and program products for female users. This function can provide an effective reference for the makeup artist in the makeup process of the user, improve the makeup technique of the user, and facilitate the user to draw an effect close to the makeup image.

Meanwhile, the company has also announced a patent related to the concentration of students-the “Method and Device for Evaluating the Attention of Students”, which can test the concentration of students and help students improve their learning efficiency.

Huawei published a patent related to Evaluating Women Emotions


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