Huawei published a patent for Evaluating Student Attention

Huawei has published a patent for “Methods and Devices for Evaluating Student Attention,” the publication number is CN113780051A. The company’s patent abstract shows that the solution provided by the application can improve the accuracy and credibility of the student’s attention evaluated in the online education scenario.

The application provides a method and device to assess the concentration of students. Methods include:

  • Acquiring an area to be looked at in the courseware, where the area to be looked at includes multiple areas, and each area in the multiple areas corresponds to a time interval.
  • Acquiring the actual gaze area of ​​the target student in each of the time intervals.
  • Evaluate the concentration of the target student according to the intersection of the to-be-watched area and the actual gaze area in each of the time intervals.

Evaluating Student Attention


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