Huawei published chip-related patent which can improve chip heat dissipation

Adding another patent to its portfolio, the Chinese giant Huawei now has a patent for “Chip Manufacturing Methods, and Electronic Equipment”, with the publication number CN113113367A.

According to the patent abstract of the company, this application belongs to the field of chip heat dissipation technology. The description clarifies that by installing a thermal pad between two adjacent silicon chips, the heat on the silicon chip can be conducted to the thermal pad, reducing the heat on the silicon chip. The temperature improves the heat dissipation capacity of the chip, which can prevent a large amount of heat from accumulating on the silicon chip and causing the chip to burn out.

The chip described in the patent includes a housing, multiple silicon wafers, and multiple thermal pads, of which:

  • The plurality of silicon wafers and the plurality of thermally conductive fins are stacked and mounted in the housing.
  • The thermally conductive sheet is installed between two adjacent silicon wafers, and the edge of the thermally conductive sheet protrudes from the gap between the two adjacent silicon wafers.

Huawei published chip-related patent



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