Huawei P50 Pro to get IMX800 a 1/1.18 inches sensor

Huawei’s next-generation P50 series will be released on July 29, and will also be the first flagship model to be directly pre-installed with the HarmonyOS system.

The camera system has always been one of the biggest highlights of Huawei’s flagship. Recently, a well-known Twitter tipster TEME exposed the detailed specifications of the Huawei P50 series of rear cameras.

Huawei P50 will adopt a three-camera solution, in which the main camera uses the newly upgraded IMX707 sensor, and is also equipped with an IMX600 lens, which should be an ultra-wide-angle lens, and also has a 3x telephoto lens.

The IMX707 sensor has a 1/1.28-inch ultra-large bottom, has 5,000 pixels, and supports four-in-one output of 12.5 million pixels, a unit area of ​​2.44μm screen, and an aperture of F/1.7.

As for Huawei P50 Pro goes further to upgrade four photo combination specifications are IMX800 + OV64A + 5 + times periscope new ToF sensor, which is the main subject of the Sony IMX800 sensor end of the history of the largest, with a 1 / 1.18 inches large bottom.

According to the news, the Huawei P50 standard version will be divided into two models, which are equipped with the Snapdragon 888 4G version and the Kirin 9000L chip.

The latter will be built using Samsung’s 5nm EUV process. The overall design is similar to Kirin 9000 and Kirin 9000E, but the configuration is slightly reduced.

The news pointed out that Kirin 9000L reduced the main frequency of the large CPU core A77 to 2.86GHz, while the previous Kirin 9000 and Kirin 9000E both used the 3.13GHz A77 large core.

In terms of GPU, compared to the other two models, it has a larger reduction and is equipped with an 18-core Mali-G78 CPU.

The long-awaited Huawei P50 series will debut soon. Whether the Huawei P50 5G version equipped with Kirin 9000 will be unveiled at the end of the month is worth looking forward to.


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