Huawei published patent for Car Window Noise Control System

Huawei has published a patent for “A car window noise control system, method, and related onboard equipment” on May 11, with the publication number CN112789197A. The patent information shows that it effectively reduces the noise in the car.

Car window noise control system includes an airflow control device, an error microphone, and a processor. The error microphone is used to collect the noise signal in the target vehicle and send the noise signal to the processor; the processor is used to: receive the noise signal, and calculate the noise signal based on the noise signal.

Huawei published patent for Car Window Noise Control System

Signal matching airflow control signal; sending the airflow control signal to the airflow control device; the airflow control device for controlling the airflow flow based on the airflow control signal to reduce the noise of the target vehicle energy. The implementation of the embodiments of the present application can effectively reduce the noise in the car after opening the window.

Huawei has repeatedly reiterated that the company’s strategy remains unchanged: Huawei does not build cars, focuses on ICT technology, and is a supplier of incremental components for smart cars to help automakers build good cars.



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