Huawei publishes February 2023 security patch details

Huawei has published EMUI February 2023 security patch details. In the latest February 2023 bulletin, the Chinese tech giant fixes 2 critical and 14 High levels of CVEs. Also, 23 CVEs included from the previous bulletins.

Huawei publishes February 2023 security patch details

Critical: CVE-2022-22088, CVE-2022-41674.

High: CVE-2022-20456, CVE-2022-20461, CVE-2022-20489, CVE-2022-20490, CVE-2022-20492, CVE-2022-20493, CVE-2022-20494, CVE-2023-20905, CVE-2023-20913, CVE-2023-20915, CVE-2023-20920, CVE-2023-20921, CVE-2022-33255, CVE-2022-32635.

Medium: none

low: no

Included in previous bulletins: CVE-2022-20504, CVE-2022-20506, CVE-2022-20513, CVE-2022-20515, CVE-2022-20516, CVE-2022-20517, CVE-2022-20518, CVE -2022-20520, CVE-2022-20521, CVE-2022-20525, CVE-2022-20528, CVE-2022-20530, CVE-2022-20537, CVE-2022-20539, CVE-2022-20541, CVE-2022 -20544, CVE-2022-20546, CVE-2022-20552, CVE-2022-42535, CVE-2022-42542, CVE-2022-20496, CVE-2022-20566, CVE-2021-39793.

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Huawei February 2023 EMUI security details

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