Huawei publishes patent for a method for calling a vehicle

According to the information, Huawei has recently disclosed an invention patent for ” a method for calling a vehicle, the smart card, and a device “, the publication number is CN112997126A, and the application date is December 2020.

The patent abstract shows that the embodiments of this application can be applied to smart cars and smart connected cars. Through the solution provided by this application, the user can call the vehicle through body movements, improve the user’s experience of using the vehicle, and avoid opening the door forcefully in a narrow space, causing the door to collide with the surrounding wall/vehicle when it is opened, thereby avoiding the problem bring property damage and other problems.

Huawei is currently vigorously researching and developing car-machine systems and has applied for a number of smart car-related patents, such as “traffic light detection methods and devices”, “safe speed determination methods”, and “wireless charging parking spaces.

Huawei’s HarmonyOS-A smart cockpit operating system will be installed in vehicles this year. Based on the HarmonyOS car-machine system, Huawei has launched in-depth cooperation with more than 80 hardware and software partners.

Huawei publishes patent for a method for calling a vehicle


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