Huawei Xu Wenwei: In the next 10 years, the broadband speed will reach 10Gbps per person

Huawei on June 20 at the 2021 Fifth Future Network Development Conference, Huawei’s director and director of the Strategic Research Institute Xu Wenwei delivered a keynote speech on the research and breakthroughs of future networks.

Xu Wenwei said that in the next 10 years, the number of connections will reach hundreds of billions, the broadband speed will reach 10Gbps per person, the computing power will be increased by 100 times, the storage capacity will be increased by 100 times, and the use of renewable energy will exceed 50%.

In addition, the current Internet penetration rate calculated by population has reached 70%. Looking ahead, with the improvement of 5G2B capabilities and the large-scale deployment of the IPv6 protocol, the number of connections to smart machines will usher in explosive growth. According to ARM’s forecast report, the cumulative number of global machine connections is expected to reach 1,000 billion in 2035.

Xu Wenwei pointed out that the consumer Internet mainly provides connections for people, and people’s sensory response speed is limited, and people have a high tolerance for experience fluctuations caused by fluctuations in network quality. For example, consumers can accept the TV channel switching speed within 200ms, and it is not easy to notice that the voice communication is interrupted within 200ms.


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