Huawei publishes patents related to Wireless Charging Parking Spaces

Huawei has recently published a patent for “A wireless charging parking recommendation method and system”, the publication number is CN112840388A, and the application date is January 2021.

The current mainstream charging method for electric vehicles is wired charging. Although the technology is mature, simple, and straightforward, there are many disadvantages that are inconvenient to use.

If the driver parks the vehicle into the parking space in the wrong direction, although the charging transmitter coil and the charging receiver coil can be aligned, the vehicle may exceed the parking space and affect other vehicles to park or pass. The driver needs to drive the vehicle out of the parking space and turn the vehicle’s direction again.

The present application provides a method for recommending parking spaces with wireless charging, which aims to solve the problems of matching between wireless charging vehicles and parking spaces and selecting parking modes.

The patent summary shows that this application can be applied to smart cars, new energy vehicles, self-driving cars, etc When the vehicle enters the parking lot, it reports its own vehicle information to the parking lot, and the parking lot server stores the vehicle information in advance.

Compare and match the wireless charging parking space information, and comprehensively judge whether there are available charging parking spaces in the current parking lot.

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