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Huawei ranked 1st in global 5G patent ranking as of February 2021

Huawei 5G Patents

According to the IPlytics report, Huawei ranked first and continues its leadership in the global 5G technology patents. Despite the restrictions from the US, Huawei has continued to develop 5G technology by navigating through the maze of problems that ensued in the aftermath of the US ban.

As per the 5G patent race, the list of global patents for 5G technology compiled by IPlytics indicates that Huawei is the leading company and accounts for more than 15% of active patents globally as of February 2021.

List of companies with the highest shares of global 5G technology patents:

  • Huawei – 15.4%
  • Samsung – 13.3%
  • Nokia – 13.2%
  • Qualcomm – 12.9%
  • LG – 8.7%
  • ZTE – 5.6%
  • Sharp – 4.6%
  • Ericsson – 4.6%


Also, the calculation of patents can take years from application to when the patent is actually granted, so the rankings as compiled by IPlytics are the culmination of serious work in R&D by the companies.


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