Huawei Ranked 2nd: Global smartwatch shipments jump 35% YoY in Q1 2021

According to the latest information, Global smartwatch shipments in Q1 2021 grew 35% YoY. As per the report, Apple maintained its top position, catalyzing the overall market growth by recording a 50% YoY increase in the demand for the new Series 6 models. As a result, Apple saw its market share climb by 3% points.

Global smartwatch shipments in Q1 2021

The jump on the market comes up with the basic smartwatches with low-level proprietary OS or RTOS (like from Xiaomi and OPPO), kids smartwatches (like from BBK, Huawei, and Vodafone Neo), and high-level smartwatches (like from Apple, Samsung and Garmin).

Senior Analyst Sujeong Lim said, “Apple was able to further solidify its leadership position in the market by widening the portfolio from Watch SE to Series 6 at the right time. This may drive Samsung to launch a mid-price-tier model to boost growth.”

Global Smartwatch tracker Q1 2021

Huawei has officially announced the return of the Huawei WATCH 3 flagship. It also said that “all things are omnipresent. Wisdom on the wrist is all things.” The first HarmonyOS (Hongmemg) product will be officially announced on June 2, 2021.

The Huawei Watch3 series will be equipped with a fully integrated Hongmeng operating system, supporting independent calls, WeChat sending and receiving, rich third-party apps, and a series of new features that have not yet been exposed. The battery life will be improved.


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