Huawei ranked third in Q2 2022 China Premium Smartphone Market share

According to the latest report from Counterpoint Research, China’s premium smartphone sales ($400 and above wholesale price) increased their share in overall sales to 33% in Q2 2022 from 31% in Q2 2021.

Apple ranked first and grew from 43% last year to 46%, while Huawei has further shrunk from 19%, which ranked second last year, to 11%, and in Q2 2022, Huawei achieved the third position.

However, the second place this year is more eye-catching. Vivo rushed to second place in the high-end market for the first time with a share of 13%, which more than doubled its performance compared with the same period last year.

Huawei ranked third in Q2 2022

Commenting on the ongoing trends in the premium segment, Senior Analyst Varun Mishra said, “Leading Chinese OEMs have been actively focusing on the premium segment with concrete strategies, including bringing foldable flagship models customized for Chinese consumers and partnering with traditional camera giants such as Leica, Zeiss and Hasselblad. We expect the competition in this segment to intensify going forward. At the same time, Samsung is capturing a higher share in this segment due to its foldables line-up, which could result in a resurgence for the South Korean vendor.”

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