Huawei ranks first in the global communication equipment market in 2021

According to the Dell’Oro Group data report, the Chinese tech giant Huawei accounted for 28.7% of the global communication equipment market last year, an increase of 7% year-on-year, ranking first for two consecutive years.

On the list, Ericsson came in second with 15%, followed by Nokia (14.9%), ZTE (10.5%), Cisco (5.6%), and Samsung Electronics (3.1%). In the global market excluding China, Huawei has an 18 percent share, while Ericsson and Nokia have 20 percent each.

According to the market research firm, its global smartphone shipments and market share will decline by 81.6% to 35 million units in 2021 and from 15% to 3%, respectively.

The communications equipment market will grow 7% in 2021, maintaining growth for the fourth consecutive year. Total sales in this market have grown by about 20% since 2017 to $100 billion. Growth this year is estimated at 4%.

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