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Huawei registered new patent for Voice payment system

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Huawei applied for a new patent in December 2019 which was recently published with the title of “A voice payment system and electronic equipment”. The patent was originally applied in and has the publication number of CN112215598A.

This Voice Payment System patent indicates it will help to improve the security of voice payment and can be applied to electronic devices such as artificial intelligence capable devices. If it appears soon then the user only needs to speak the voice payment password to complete the payment.

Voice payment system Huawei

Meanwhile, Google is also testing a new payment in the latest Google Assistant smart assistant, allowing consumers to use voice recognition to authorize and confirm payment.

The development direction of human-computer interaction in the future is to make the computer be able to listen, see, speak and feel. Voice has become the most promising human-computer interaction mode in the future, and voice has more advantages than other interaction modes.

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