Huawei released January 2023 security patch released

Huawei has released the January 2023 EMUI security patch details. The latest security patch includes 4 Critical, 24 High-levels, and 7 Medium levels of CVEs. Recently, Huawei launched the EMUI 13 version for global units which includes several new features.

Critical: CVE-2022-20411, CVE-2022-20472, CVE-2022-20473, CVE-2022-20498.

High: CVE-2021-0934, CVE-2022-20124, CVE-2022-20449, CVE-2022-20466, CVE-2022-20469, CVE-2022-20470, CVE-2022-20474, CVE-2022-20476, CVE-2022-20478, CVE-2022-20479, CVE-2022-20480, CVE-2022-20483, CVE-2022-20484, CVE-2022-20485, CVE-2022-20486, CVE-2022-20487, CVE-2022-20488, CVE-2022-20491, CVE-2022-20495, CVE-2022-20496, CVE-2022-20500, CVE-2022-20501, CVE-2022-20611, CVE-2022-33268.

Medium: CVE-2022-20468, CVE-2022-25677, CVE-2022-1419, CVE-2022-28390, CVE-2022-30594, CVE-2022-20571, CVE-2022-20572.

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2022-20426, CVE-2022-20425, CVE-2022-20392, CVE-2022-25669, CVE-2022-25688, CVE-2022-25658, CVE-2022-25659.

Huawei released January 2023 security patch released

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