This is the World’s first truly wireless smart TV

Television plays important role in our daily life. Since the early 1950s to now, we have witnessed TV sizes continuously becoming ultra-slim panels, and yes thanks to wireless internet connectivity now we have smarter TVs as well.

Now changing the era, Displace a TV maker company presented the world’s first truly wireless TV at CES 2023. It has a 55-inch 4K screen with very minimal bezels that use active loop vacuum technology to stick to any wall. Or even it is stuck on a flat surface the company at CES 2023 shows a demo. It gets hand gestures support.

The weight of the TV is under 20 pounds, so it should be easy to lift and also shouldn’t really fall off the wall. Because this is a prototype, the parts were 3D printed.

This is the World's first truly wireless smart TV (1)

Now, the wireless part of the Displace TV also extends to the power supply. This thing is powered by four hot-swappable batteries on board. And together, they should give you about a month of use if you’re watching six hours of TV a day.

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