Huawei released Petal App Market beta

Huawei has recently sent the beta version of the Celia Keyboard and now the company has started rolling Petal App Market update with the beta version It supports third-party phones to cooperate with Huawei HMS services and adopts a simple design.

Petal App Market is the outgoing version of the App Market operated by Huawei. It supports a smooth experience on third-party brand mobile phones and provides end-users with rich functions: search, download, application management, application reviews, gift packages, etc.

Petal App Market beta changelog:

1. New experience for outbound templates: Huawei App Service is the outbound version of the AppGallery, equipped with new templates to support a smooth experience across all brands.

2. Application privileges are newly launched: Enter the page in the experience portal [My] – [Application ].

3. The community section is fully open: New Huawei App Service community experience, pay attention to the section you like, and join the community commenting family.

4. Optimize the reporting function of the application details page.

5. Encourage users to switch to Russia, Middle East and Africa countries for testing (settings-my-country and region to switch).

Huawei released Petal App Market beta

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