Huawei released Smart Assistant public beta update

Huawei has started rolling out the public beta version update of the Smart Assistant App. As per the update info, it brings March 2024 version The package size is 47.9MB, which mainly improves the Didi travel status notification form.

After updating this version, Didi has newly supported the “Live Window” notification function based on the “Itinerary Lock Screen Reminder” function. Users can use “Minor Screen”, “Lock Screen Reminder” and “Live Window” to Ways to check the current travel progress, Pocket 2 users also support external screen display of taxi information.

Huawei Smart Assistant Update

  • Didi Travel status notification format, this smart assistant update also has the following features:
  • Service notification, in the quick service and message mode only, the quick service is expanded to display 2 rows of 8 services, providing you with more convenient services;
  • The height of the cards in the notification area has been adjusted. Some smart reminder cards support displaying data sources. The card icons in the notification area and the second page of the message have been changed to a square circle;
  • A new device power service card is added to the negative screen . You can add a power card through search. The phone battery power is displayed by default. After connecting to Bluetooth, the Bluetooth device power and mobile phone battery power are displayed;
  • The express delivery service has been optimized. When there is no express delivery, the card displays “No express delivery updates”;
  • The number of service suggestions displayed on the search start page has been increased by one row, supporting the display of subtitles and subtitles; making it easier for you to use services quickly;
  • New phone permissions and installed application list permission reminder cards will provide you with weekly and monthly data traffic consumption reminders when turned on, and the quick service module will display quick services for installed apps, which can be quickly opened and accessed directly with one click;
  • Some models have canceled the default preset of hot list cards . If necessary, you can manually add them for use;
  • “About” has been moved from the Settings page to the Personal Center page.

Huawei Smart Assistant

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