Huawei released the Kunpeng high-performance computing solution

On August 3, 2022, Huawei officially launched Kunpeng’s high-performance computing solution at the Wuhan High-Performance Computing Conference.

The whole solution is made on the Kunpeng full stack, covering hardware enablement, basic software, application optimization, and other capabilities.

It can provide high-performance, high-computing machine products, and complete high-performance computing through hardware and software open source.

At the Wuhan High-Performance Computing Conference, Changjiang Computing released the industry’s first fully liquid-cooled cabinet for the Kunpeng data center—Yangtze Computing Acceler 5000 PoD. This product is aimed at high-performance computing scientific computing, cloud rendering, big data, and other heavy computing power scenarios, helping users build green and energy-saving large-scale data center clusters.

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Compared with traditional solutions, Acceler 5000 PoD has the advantages of 2 times the energy efficiency ratio, supports full liquid cooling technology, and innovative three-bus, which solves the pain points of traditional data center construction and deployment cycle, difficult heat dissipation, and high energy consumption.

At the conference, Huawei and 16 local scientific research institutions, universities, and enterprises in Wuhan, as the first initiators, jointly launched the Wuhan High-Performance Computing Industry Alliance.

Kunpeng high-performance computing solution

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