5.5G Networks: Huawei proposed the key features

At the “Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week”, Huawei proposed the key features of 5.5G networks – 10G experience, 100 billion connections, and endogenous intelligence.

5.5G Networks: Huawei proposed the key features

  • Enhancement on eMBB/URLLC/mMTC
  • New sensing
  • Passive IoT
  • Downlink 10Gbps, uplink 1Gbps, hundreds of billions of connections
  • Continue to innovate in intelligence to achieve further upgrades in network capabilities
  • In the next ten years, three types of technologies with 5G as the core will support hundreds of billions of connections. The three types of technologies, RedCap, NB-IoT, and passive IoT, will rely on the scale effect of the wireless industry to achieve commercial success
  • With the continuous development of 5G networks, services are moving towards diversity and differentiation, and networks are moving towards multi-frequency and multi-standard coexistence

5.5G Networks

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei’s Wireless Network Product Line, said: “In order to meet the diverse needs of thousands of industries, in addition to the continuous enhancement of existing 5G capabilities, wireless networks also need to add revolutionary capabilities such as perception, passive IoT, and intelligence. Therefore, , we hope to join hands with global industry partners to promote the continuous innovation of 5G technology on the basis of protecting the existing investment of operators, and move towards a new era of 5.5G.”

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