Huawei: Data storage faces four major changes

At the end of July 2022, “Huawei Data Storage User Elite Forum” with the theme of “Symbiosis, Co-creation, and Win-win” was held in Guangzhou. The Chinese tech giant, Huawei stated that with the acceleration of industry digitization, data storage faces four major changes:

  • Diversified data applications, from traditional databases to big data and AI, are flourishing.
  • Data access is real-time, the popularity of data continues to rise, and the real-time requirements for data analysis and processing are getting higher and higher.
  • Data protection is comprehensive, and frequent data incidents will cause serious economic losses. Improving enterprise resilience is a top priority.
  • With the normalization of data energy saving and the move towards carbon neutrality, the green energy saving of data has become a normalized requirement for zero carbon emissions in data centers.

Pang Xin, Vice President of Huawei Data Storage Product Line, said that Huawei Data Storage will actively embrace these changes, deeply implement the “data-centric” concept, break through five major boundaries, and build a reliable storage base for diverse data applications.

Huawei -Data storage faces four major changes
Huawei -Data storage faces four major changes

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