Smart site AR inspection: Huawei is on a new path

Huawei and Anhui Mobile, together with Huawei MAE (MBB Automation Engine) and Huawei CS (Customer Support), introduced an AR inspection solution for the maintenance of intelligent sites in Hefei, Wuhu, etc.

According to the information, the whole solution has supported the inspection of nearly 1,000 computer rooms, and the cumulative number of users in 3 months has exceeded 10,000.

We are living in a new era of technology and of course, mobile enhancement made changes in our daily life. To ensure the stable operation of the network, the operator needs to arrange a large number of manpower to conduct regular inspections of the equipment room and site.

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Both the companies introduced intelligent algorithms and AR technology, and combined with expert experience, they launched the Smart site AR inspection innovative solution.

Smart site AR inspection

MAE is based on the digitization of CS daily inspection experience, continuous online learning through intelligent algorithms, and iterative optimization of the inspection model, which can realize intelligent identification of inspection problems, correlation analysis of inspection faults, and intelligent decision-making, helping to achieve high-quality and efficient inspection. Smart site AR inspection has the following values:

  • Automatic inspection of computer room based on image recognition
  • Active repair of hidden dangers assisted by knowledge graphs

Ma Hongbo, President of Huawei Wireless Network MAE Product Line, said: “In the future, MAE will continue to consolidate its intelligent capabilities and continue to improve its intelligent inspection capabilities, striving to cover 85% of Anhui’s site inspection items by the end of the year, and increase the accuracy rate to over 90%; Jointly carry out broader, deeper and more efficient cooperation in the field of network intelligence, and jointly build a benchmark for self-smart networks.”


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